You call the shots!


These days, selling or renting your property has to include the all important visual element, particularly with so many sales and lets transactions done online. Good visual imagery will undoubtedly help the sale or rent of your property but a bad shoot can unseal a potential deal. We want you to get the best out of a shoot and if you follow the advice, we are confident you will get a good result.  We would expect to take anywhere between 50 and 200 shots with around 10-15 percent being used for your publicity and marketing. We try to be present to direct the shoots but it is not always possible so your assistance in direction is crucial. 

There are a number of points we want to accentuate on a shoot. These are the main ones: Showcase features; match exteriors and interiors; make the rooms look attractive and welcoming and maximise space. In short, we will make the inside space of your property look as spacious as possible with an emphasis on the best features.

Please make sure that the property is ready for the shoot. It is important that beds are properly made, no creases on blankets or duvets and importantly, no clutter which will hinder the background of the shoot. It is better to use a lived-in room with you, or a friend acting as a model. A room that looks warm and cosy with excellent facilities is going to be a winner so it is worth spending time getting the room ready. The same applies to the lounge, bathrooms, garden and terraces if applicable. The most important thing is to present the home with the pride of a home owner. 

Of equal importance is preparing the property with the new buyer or tenant in mind. Put yourself in their shoes; imagine what you would like to see if you were visiting a property to buy or rent. In this situation the small things count – a tidy, clean and warm environment is obviously going to be more appealing. 


The way we see it is that you should be the director of the shoot, you know the nuances of the property, the way it looks and feels and we need your help in getting this over visually. So the more you help us get the property ready for a shoot, the better the result will be.