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Hong Kong born David Wonger has a refreshing, do-it approach to life. As a teenager his art teacher spotted his talent and directed him to photography. David worked day and night shifts in various guises while learning the basics of photography. Aged 18, he collected his savings and boarded a flight to London. It was a move that defined his life and work. He explored European Arts, studied Art and Photography in London while travelling and workingin Europe and the Far East. His interest in a wide range of cultures and lifestyles led to a personal style of work and vision.


David returned to Hong Kong and for the next 20 years he was the go-to photographer for a wide range of influential and society people, with successful commmissions on a wide performing artists, government officials, musicians and fashion models. These were heady times for David, with his work showcased in the top fashion magazines around the world as his reputation grew around the world. These days David divides his time between bases in the much sought after Waterside Apartments on Woodberry Down, Hong Kong and Tokyo. 


Now living in the new Woodberry Down development, David is enjoying the varied arts scene in London. Taking a break from photography while contemplating the next stage of his career, David reflects on a career that has enjoyed great success and which continues to keep his creative juices flowing as he cultivates the creative artistic ideas harnessed from his wide experience of different cultures.


Says David: "I like to portray men with strong characters and women with a sense of elegance and a scent of sensuality. Somehow a sophisticated person will turn up your creativity, this is what great photography is about. I'm always looking for such an occasion.

"I believe in romanticism. I believe in the power of passion. I cherish the beauty of reality and its raw subliminal scene. Although reality will constantly hurt you, it doesn't change my consciousness to make a picture."


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 Written by  Mark Rivlin