Woodberry Wetlands Centre is a all new development taking place near Manor House. The photography team  were out to investigate the scene more.

We started off by walking to the centre from the Michael Morris offices on Blackstock Road. We made our way there via the New River and West reservoir. Along the way we took some stunning photos of the local nature. 

This helps prove the point that North East London is once again a great place in London to stay. We took many styles of photos spanning from optical illusions all the way to monochrome images. Inside the wetlands center we enjoyed the nature trail and the beautiful lake.

As well as this we learnt some local history while we were at the wetlands center. This included David Attenborough opening up the center. We also learnt that the river that runs alongside the center: the New River was built to supply London with clean water during the time of Cholera.

London Wildlife Trust (LWT) are very proud to have made this possible due to the fact that they have been working on it for over 6 years. The Wetlands Center officially opened on the 1st May 2016. LWT were also very proud to announce that the reserve is now open for school trips and visits meaning that local schools can learn more about nature. 


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