Finsbury Park, one move ahead


One of the best aspects of Finsbury Park is that we have nice neighbours (many of whom make a daily trek to FP to get to work on the tube). We regularly 'big up' our properties if they lie close to Clissold Park which proudly sits on one of London's most sought-after territories, Stoke Newington Church Street. And while Dalston cannot match FP's tube, it has been flavour of a lot of months for urban warriors who prefer the edgy lifestyle.


Which brings me nicely to Hackney Chess Club for which I have the honour of being secretary. When I started playing league chess 35 years ago, there was an Islington Chess Club that played out of the South Library on Essex Road. Local derbies between Hackney and Islington were hard-fought battles and we were sorry when Islington disbanded.


Anyone in and around Finsbury Park will be made really welcome at Hackney Chess Club. We are immensely proud of our diversity of membership that reflects an inner city borough and we are indeed proud of our achievements. We run nine teams and have players from beginner to grandmaster levels. We have five teams in London League, one in Middlesex League, two in the National 4NCL and one in the National Club tournament. Last year we were shortlisted for British Chess Federation Club of the Year.  So whatever your level, you would surely not want to miss one of our legendary Saturday nights at the Roch (Rochester Castle, Stoke Newington High Street) where the beer and blitz (five-minute games) combo makes for a raucous evening. We also meet on Sunday afternoons at Gorki House (70 Stoke Newington High Street) where we provide coaching for talented youngsters and analyse famous games. We only charge membership to players who represent us in five or more games in a season; all the junior coaching is free.

We are always on the lookout for people who love chess, whatever their level so if you are interested we would love to hear from you! So make sure your next move is to Hackney Chess Club.

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