The great monarch Victoria would indeed be proud of the tube line named after her – its 200 million annual passenger journeys confirming the line's popularity. Yes, it does have logistic problems as those who use the interchange with the Overground at Seven sisters will testify. But let's be honest, getting from Finsbury Park to Victoria in 15 minutes and Walthamstow to Brixton in 26 minutes should be enough to put off any doubters.

Here's a real treat, there and back on Victoria Line with Vincent Sheehan's album's unique take on the whole line.


Yes, the line is noisy and its popularity can be a pain in the neck (literally during the rush hour) but as other lines actually search out as many stations as possible to demonstrate just how big London really is, Victoria does what is says on the tube, gets you very quickly to your destination.


I've been using the line for well over 40 years and here is my personal Victoria scrapbook.


Walthamstow Central

The no-nonsense Saturday market – an absolute must.


Blackhorse Road

William Morris Gallery and Waltham Forest Town Hall (awesome design).


Tottenham Hale

Walking distance to one of my favourite Italian eateries, San Marco:

(And if you must, you are on top of a half useful retail park)


Seven Sisters

Giving Tottenham a great name


Finsbury Park

Centre of the universe


Highbury & Islington

Neck on the line…I like the occasional Wetherspoon (yes I know, one stage up from waking up on a park bench totally pi**ed), 255 Upper Street, and a short walk to loaves of bread starting at £8.


King's Cross

A few minutes' walk to the Bloomsbury Curzon where over the years I have left more money than my mortgage.



Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street (scene of a few triumphs for Hackney Chess Club against King's Head, their venue).


Warren Street

Keeping fit running up two escalator flights to ground level.


Oxford Circus

Memories of the left-handed shop on Beak Street and then Brewer Street. 


Green Park

Mayfair Curzon (see Euston) 



London Deaf Chess Club and another Wetherspoons.



DHSS Chess Club and the Tate.



Kia Oval; Emerson, Lake Palmer gig, 1972; Sir Viv Richards, 291 runs, 1976.



Cavendish Arms, good comedy.



Station handily placed for visiting a mate in the slammer, 1980. Ritzy Picturehouse.