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We work hard to match sellers and buyers – even with 20 years of really positive feedback we continue striving to provide an exceptional service and ethical approach on every instruction. The majority of our new clients and buyers come via word of mouth. We don't concern ourselves too much with location – we prefer to think and act reputation.

Arrange a Valuation.

About Selling

Once we have the necessary information to market your home and we have confirmed a selling price range, we can co-ordinate the entire marketing and sale transaction on your behalf by:

We will assist you in identifying a suitable buyer for your home and negotiate an acceptable selling price. Once these aims have been achieved, we will:

• provide you with a written report detailing your prospective purchaser's position with related sale and chain details (where applicable).
• prepare a ‘Memorandum of Sale’ which will be sent to both parties’ solicitors. A copy will be sent to you and your prospective buyer will receive a confirmation letter.
• liaise with solicitors and related selling agents, where necessary, to help expediate a smooth exchange and completion process.

Please note that we are a member of the TPO scheme and subscribe to its code of practice. http://www.tpos.co.uk/  (A consumer guide is available on request)